What We Do

Gateway Percussion is an independent percussion group based in St. Louis, Missouri. We pride ourselves in the education and growth of our members throughout the course of the seasons they spend with us.

Our Mission: Gateway Percussion aims to create an amazing member experience by bringing to life an inspiring, unforgettable production.

Every year, from October to April, we give highly talented musicians the opportunity to perform in an elite percussion ensemble and perform for supportive audiences across the Midwest and beyond. These musicians travel countless miles every weekend during the season. We meet in St. Louis, MO to create art together, eventually taking it on the road to share it with the world. 



We exude strong emotions during a performance, and want our audience to feel the same. Emotion helps engrave lasting memories from an ephemeral experience. It's how we connect with the spectators, and it generates a surreal aura in a performance arena.



Refusing to let obstacles or adversity stop our progression, we occasionally find the need to take challenging, calculated risks. We believe smart choices and making sacrifices are pivotal in creating art, captivating an audience, and inspiring others—not to mention living life itself.



We escort our audiences to another world, whether that be a future dystopian society where love is forbidden, a crowded spice market in India, or the hot, wartime jungles of Vietnam. Taking the audience to a different place amplifies this immersive adventure. 



Cohesive variations in musical and visual concepts bombard our audiences with commanding euphony and provocative imagery. These range from energetic pop arrangements, to introspective ballads, to passionate conclusions that tug the heartstrings within us all.