Paul Richardson


Paul Richardson is one of the founders of Gateway Percussion and has been involved in about every capacity possible over the years. He has been on the design team, instructional staff, board of directors and most often one of the group's executive directors... not to mention bus driver, youth financial advisor, cook and roadie. Paul was a marching member on the quad lines of the Blue Stars and Blue Knights Drum Corps' aging out in 2001. He has been on percussion staff with the Magic of Orlando (2004) as well as teaching, arranging for and judging many local area High Schools. He has been the Assistant Percussion Director for MCCGA and has served on the WGI Percussion Advisory Board. Paul is a proud Innovative Percussion artist.

Paul has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is currently the IT Director for an audio-visual company, Conference Technologies, Inc. He lives in Maplewood, MO with his sons, Colin and Caleb, and his wife Genova.

"I have always believed that a group of talented, unselfish people with a common goal can achieve truly great things. I am honored to have been involved with such a group for the past eleven years.”