2015 Season Recap and Thank Yous

All Gateway members and staff have returned safely home from Dayton, which brings a very successful season to a close.

Our 2015 journey was a ride of a lifetime, to say the least. It was filled with exhilarating moments, new friendships, and phenomenal memories. There was happiness, laughter, determination, frustration, sadness, and much more.

WGI Championships was an extraordinary weekend, which came after Gateway faced one of its biggest challenges ever. On the morning of Semi-Finals, and throughout the weekend, a wicked Norovirus infected over two-thirds of our members and staff, bringing our forward momentum to a halt. Our immediate priority became the safety and health of our members and staff by helping the sick recover and preventing further infections within the group, as well as outside the organization. On Saturday morning, our situation was beginning to look positive as Gateway slowly began to recover. The members displayed astonishing levels of determination and strength to fight through the adversity, resulting in an unbelievable performance later that night for Finals.

Gateway Indoor 2015

WGI Championships Retreat - April 11, 2015

Congratulations to our members for an excellent season with such a strong finish! Gateway made its tenth appearance as a PIW Finalist, and finished 11th place with a score of 91.188.

We would like to first thank our sponsors. The following companies have provided Gateway with the best instruments and equipment in the activity. Thank you Pearl Drum Corporation, Adams Musical Instruments, Sabian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, PlanetWaves, Innovative Percussion, TreeWorks Chimes, and ON2 Percussion.

The magic of creating art, especially in the marching activity, can happen only with the additional support and dedicated work from volunteers. Gateway couldn’t have pulled off everything we did without you. The following people, companies, and schools have helped us along our journey, and we are truly grateful for the support. Thank you Dana Schwarz, Precious Dela Rosa, Stu Meadows, Troy Bowell, Mitch Aunger, Nancy Brakeman, Scott White, Mallory Mashburn, Ben Meyer, Barb Bowlin, Chad Duggan, Kimberly Smith, Joshua Link, Jason Lord, Kevin Eichelberger, Eichelberger Photography, Seavine Co., St. Charles West High School, Mt. Juliet High School, Marcato Independent, Palmetto Percussion, Legacy Indoor Percussion, Sean Harris and the O’Fallon Township High School music department, and Newsome High School.

Lastly, thank you fans and alumni for your tremendous support of Gateway. We are grateful that we were able to bring you with us as we took our leap of faith.

Gateway Indoor 2015 - "Leap of Faith"

WGI Championships PIW Finals - April 11, 2015

Posted on April 14, 2015 .