Arch Update

At the start of the 2014 season, Gateway launched a brand new video series called the Arch Update. We wanted to connect with our fans and supporters, providing them with "behind-the-scenes" commentary on our progress throughout the season.

Included in the videos are interviews with administration staff, design staff, educational staff, and performing members. Also, we offer a special glimpse into the Gateway experience with footage from rehearsals, lot warm-ups, performances, and "backstage" shots just moments before performing to an awaiting audience.  



Arch Update #1

November 24, 2015

In the first Arch Update installment of the 2016 season, center snare and veteran member Tim O'Connor gives his thoughts on auditions and the strong level of talent he saw in the auditionees, while also providing a glimpse of the exciting things to expect from Gateway 2016.

Arch Update #2

January 19, 2016

Gateway had a successful "Bear Camp"—our annual 8-day-long camp held on the campus of Missouri State University. The members and staff put in long hours every day to learn the music and drill for our 2016 production. In this video, veteran members Adam Kallal (marimba) and Andrew Wisner (snare) share their thoughts on the camp and how it lays the foundation for later success in the season.

Arch Update #3

February 25, 2016

"[The show] is only get to experience this once in your life and you can't come back to retell it. It's this idea of trying to tell a story that's never been told." - Mallory Mashburn, Education Staff

In Arch Update #3, bass drum technician Mallory Mashburn and Plateway member Bailey Gruben provide thoughts on Gateway's progress so far this season.




Arch Update #1

November 17, 2014

In our season debut of the Arch Update video series, we feature footage from the third and final audition camp at O'Fallon Township High School in O'Fallon, IL.

Arch Update #2

January 10, 2015

"Bear Camp", Gateway's ten-day camp comes with tremendous amounts of hard work, both physical and mental. Veteran members Andrew Wisner (snare) and Rachel Herr (marimba) give their take on this long, but rewarding rehearsal camp.

Arch Update #3

February 20, 2015

Ensemble Director Chad Schaedler and Front Ensemble Arranger Clif Walker explain the unique nature of the 2015 production "Leap of Faith," as well as the competitive premiere of the show. 

Arch Update #4

March 6, 2015

Cymbal Technician Nick Brakeman and quad player Aaron Hensley provide a recap from the premiere of "Leap of Faith" at the MCCGA Francis Howell North competition. They also provide thoughts on what the season holds as the group inches closer to WGI Percussion Championships in Dayton, OH.

Arch Update #5

March 27, 2015

Gateway put the audience on the edge of their seats at E.A. Diddle Arena for the WGI Mid South Percussion Championship in Bowling Green, KY! Program Coordinator Michael McIntosh provides engaging insights on the 2015 production "Leap of Faith," and how it connects to the organization as a whole.

Arch Update #6

April 8, 2015

In the final installment of Arch Update for the 2015 season, age-outs Katrina Whitney, Max Gagnon, and Josh Cooper speak about their last MCCGA Championships performance. They also discuss what fans expect to see from Gateway in Dayton, OH for WGI Championships.



Arch Update #1

November 18, 2013

We released the first Arch Update shortly after the final 2014 audition camp. Featuring Staff Coordinator, Drake Melson, giving us the inside scoop on what to expect for the season.  

Arch Update #2

January 1, 2014

Snare section leader Peter Repp, who aged out this past season, and Front Ensemble Coordinator Amanda Petersen tell us about the value of returning members and veteran leadership within the group. 

Arch Update #3

January 24, 2014

We provide a glimpse into the 2014 "Bear Camp," Gateway's ten-day long winter camp at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. Front Ensemble section leader Shelby Shelton tells us about the experience. 

Arch Update #4

February 23, 2014

For the first time in 2014, the full design team was in attendance during this rehearsal weekend.   Michael McIntosh gives detailed insight into how "Oh Say Can You See" is progressing, in preparation for Gateway's first WGI Regional.

Arch Update #5

March 18, 2014

A quick look at Gateway's first WGI Regional weekend of 2014 in Dayton, OH. Featuring action shots from rehearsal, lot warm-ups, "backstage" the arena, and the performance. 

Arch Update #6

April 11, 2014

Our final Arch Update of the season features Gateway's Executive Director, Paul Richardson, describing Gateway's last rehearsal weekend and the final push towards WGI Percussion World Championships.