Arch Support

What is Arch Support?

 Photo credit: Mitch Aunger

Photo credit: Mitch Aunger

In our world, Arch Support is simply a group of individuals–whether that be parents, volunteers, alumni, etc.–who want to help in any way possible to make the Gateway organization be the best it can be. Day in and day out the team of staff and volunteers strive to create an environment for the members that facilitates their educational, musical and personal growth. It takes a village to pull off what Gateway is able to accomplish every year, and your support goes a long way. Whether it's cooking the hot dogs for a Gateway-sponsored meal or excavating some long-forgotten artistic skills to paint some props, there's a role for anybody willing to lend a hand. 


How does it work?

Coordination, communication and parent leadership for this group is pivotal for its success. To make it all work we use the Arch Support Facebook group. In this group you can ask questions, make comments, coordinate various action items, and find out information about Gateway Percussion such as upcoming shows, schedules, pictures and more. Team Gateway will also sometimes share exciting news about the show with everyone in the group, before the general public hears about it.

The Arch Support moderator will also communicate possible needs or wants during the season (meals, housing, equipment moving at shows, prop engineering, uniform fitting/sewing, etc.).

Join the group, hang out and have some fun – meet other parents, hear some stories, learn about how WGI Judging works and, most importantly, make a positive difference in young men and women's lives.


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