2017 Staff

Gateway's staff is comprised of three important groups of people: the operations team, the design team, and the education team. Our designers write a World-Class music and visual program, working with the operations team, the educators, and the performers to bring the design into reality.


Operations Team

Paul Richardson

Executive Director

Nick Brakeman


Scott Goodmundson

Communications Coordinator

Travis Niedergerke

Multimedia Specialist

Precious Dela Rosa

Merchandise Coordinator

Marsha Bowell

Member Coordinator

Troy Bowell

Operations Specialist

Joshua Link

Multimedia Designer


Katie Nicholson

Operations Specialist


Design Team

Justin Lewis

Program Coordinator, Visual Designer & Battery Arranger

Clif Walker

Music Designer

Marcus Neudigate

Electronic Designer & Front Ensemble Coordinator

Peter Hilborn

Front Ensemble Arranger & Coordinator

Chad Schaedler

Design Consultant


Education Team

Peter Repp

Battery Coordinator

Shane Batchelor

Snare Technician

Derek Kelly

Tenor Technician


Jamie Haffner

Bass Drum Technician

Brian Graham

Tenor Technician

Dani Cunning

Cymbal Technician

Nic Herring-Harman



Chris Watson

Bass Drum Technician